Elephant Safari Park at Taro – Ubud, Gianyar, Bali

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Elephant Safari Park at Ubud, I capture the idea of uniting the wild activity with human life be an unique tour packages in this park.

At Elephant Safari Park, you can ride an elephant to tour the park, eating while looking up at the park contained the released elephants, watching elephant  attractions, and many other interesting things.

Elephant Safari Park at Taro - Ubud

Less exciting? ….. there is also elephant ride for night safari tour.

Elephant Safari Park at Taro - Ubud

And there is also a smart elephants attractions…..

Elephant Safari Park at Taro - Ubud Elephant Safari Park at Taro - Ubud

Children are usually very fond of such an animal attraction.

There are also other tour packages offered there. Relaxation spas, hotels, and several other facilities which can directly see the activities of the elephants there.

So now you know the alternative tour when you visit Bali. Not only the beautiful beaches and landscapes, as well as an interesting culture and friendly people.

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