Hardware Vendor Detection – Acer

December 25, 2011

Hardware Vendor Detection is small tool that was developed by the vendor to find out what components are contained in the devices it sells.

Hardware Vendor Detection utility used to find out what components are contained on the laptop. These data will be used when selecting the driver which will be installed so that the device is running normally. I do not know if this little tool is available for the brand other than Acer or not. Often in the resource DVD drivers there are many drivers that are not used in one version but used in other versions. For example, laptop with the same series numbered of but with bluetooth equipped and without bluetooth.

hardware vendor detection - acer

From the picture above resulting from Hardware Vendor Detection utility running, can be seen any components installed in a laptop. Although not an exhaustive list of details, but enough to give instructions to choose which drivers to be installed.

It’s sound intereseing…..
You can download Hardware Vendor Detection utility from here.
If you need some Acer driver, get it from here.

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