What Types of Online Forms Should Be Included on Business Websites

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Does your business website already use online forms in any way? If it isn’t then it probably should be, and even if it is you may want to explore other ways in which they can be used.

Simply put there are lots of different types of online forms that you could include on a business website. Some of the more popular ones that you should definitely include are:

  • Contact forms
    Basically a contact form is a helpful addition to any website as it will let visitors conveniently get in touch with the business. On top of that they can be structured so that the data can be easily sorted into categories, making it easier to manage.
    The essential fields for a contact form are the name, email, and message fields. Aside from that a category field can be included to help segment the data, and further contact details can be gathered if necessary.

    Contact US Form

  • Market research forms
    Learning more about your visitors is always a good idea, which is why creating forms form market research can help. The forms that you can create for market research come in many shapes and sizes, including polls, surveys, or customer feedback.
    If you do create market research forms, be careful of whether you pose open or close-ended questions. Open-ended questions may help you learn more, but the data is more difficult to manage than close-ended questions.
  • Lead capture forms
    Capturing leads is a critical part of running a business, as it will let you collect the contact information of prospective customers so that you can try to market your businesses’ products or services to them.
    The lead capture form itself could be on a dedicated landing page, or somewhere prominent on your main websites. It should be simple, and normally consists only of two fields: One for the name, and another for the email.
    To make it more effective it is best to use an incentive, which is why lead capture forms often take the shape of newsletter sign-ups, free download links, and so on.

As you can see the structure of each type of form can vary, and will depend largely on the type of information that you want to gather. That is why it is important that you’re able to create and tailor the forms according to your needs, which is where an online form maker such as AidaForm may help.

Now that you’re aware of the types of forms that you should be including on your business website – you should try to make sure you take advantage of them. At the end of the day they could have a significant impact on your bottom line if you do.

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