Google SketchUp Tutorial: Making a 3D ball

Manik Agra Google SketchUp Tutorial 0 Responses

Make a ball shape with Google SketchUp is not hard, but could not immediately so. Take several steps to make it. First need to be made of two circles are perpendicular to each other. Then use the Follow Me Tool to form a ball. For more details, please follow the following interactive tutorial. Please note, because it is an interactive tutorial so you need to click the Play/Next button (and following button) manually. Google SketchUp...


Google SketchUp Tutorial: Make a truncated cone (the first way)

Manik Agra Google SketchUp Tutorial 1 Response

There are several ways can be used to create a truncated cone with Google SketchUp. The first way is to use scale tool combined with the use of Ctrl (Control) key on the keyboard. Ctrl key is useful to center the top of the cone still in the middle. Selection the top surface. Use scale tool, and use it on one corner. For more clearly, please follow this interactive tutorial below. Please note, because it is an interactive tutorial so...


Open Office Calc: Automatic fill background color

Manik Agra Open Office Tutorial 1 Response

Open Office is one of the software used for tasks such as data processing, text editor, presentation, and various office jobs. This software can be used free for personal use. therefore... use of this software rapidly growing . I create the following interactive tutorial on using conditional formatting to provide background color automatically according to the requirements set in the Open Office Calc. I hope the following interactive...


CAD software: the same interface, much different price

Manik Agra Software review 2 Responses

I understand that the most widely used is AutoCAD from Autodesk. Other software  are also compatible with AutoCAD .dwg formats. CAD software that has the same interface that is like ProgeCAD and GStarCAD. The biggest difference is the price that was taken in addition to various features. Above is Autocad 2008 classic interface screenshot. More recent versions have been using Microsoft Office 2007-like Ribbons. I think Autocad performance...

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